Documentary movies Yugoslavia and Kosovo wars

Please note that I have added two interesting movies to my Document Library. They are

  • Yugoslavia: The Avoidable War Part 1, and
  • Yugoslavia: The Avoidable War Part 2

This is a documentary movie which traces how crucial mistakes made by the West helped lead to the unnecessary breakup of Yugoslavia in 1991, culminating in the devastating NATO bombing campaign in 1999.  The length of the movie is 85 min/each part.

The best documentary movie about Kosovo war maybe is “Stolen Kosovo”from Czech TV tells the real story and undermines the US & EU propaganda. A documentary which traces how crucial mistakes made by the West helped lead to the unnecessary breakup of Yugoslavia in 1991, culminating in the devastating NATO bombing campaign in 1999.  The movie has been banned and removed regular basis from YouTube but you can try to search YouTube for:

  • “Uloupené Kosovo” or
  • “Stolen Kosovo (Uloupene Kosovo)”

This some 90 min movie has been in YouTube as whole, in 10 parts and 2 parts with or without English subtitles.  If you find so enjoy.

6 Responses to Documentary movies Yugoslavia and Kosovo wars

  1. Dace says:

    I am now watching Stolen Kosovo movie and I am very disappointed. Yes, you can say that there is US and Western propaganda, but this is also propaganda. There are many factual mistakes from very recent history and the presentation is so biased that is not even convincing. For example, how can you show 1952 and then suddenly talk about the good life of Kosovo Albanians, culture and university. University was established only 1970. And what is the point comparing it to the Hoxha regime? It portrays Serbs as the ultimate victims. Don’t you think it is very biased? Is not the truth as always somewhere in the middle? I am surprised you name it as the best documentary…

  2. Leon says:

    I have seen this Documentary and I have to say it’s a crap one. Since when do Czech people know alot about the Balkan countries? I myself am an Albanian. I know Kosova very well so do I know how serbs are like. In Kosova the Serbs were the Kings. I had 4 Serb Neighbours. Once day the Serb forces came and gave them guns. The reason why they got all the guns was because they throught we Albanians will kill the Serbs just like the Croats and Bosnians did. The Serb army armed the Serb in Kosova to their theeth.

    This Documentary is really a bad one. If you want to know the truth about Life in Kosova you should have lived few years during Milosevic time. From 1989 to 1999.

    I am not talking about before 1989 because Yugoslavia was together and who was doing something bad was put in Prison. But after 1989 everyone started to become Nationalist. Everyone wanted to work for its own people not for whole Yugoslavia. This is because Serbia started it first by comming to Kosova and take our rights that Tito gave us. The Slovens and Croats saw it and were scared that same thing would have happened to them IF they did not get out of Yugoslavia that Milosevic wanted to be 100% Serbia.

    During the world war 2 Albanians killed many Serbs. That’s true. Also many Croats and Bosnians were killing the Serbs. We all killed them because they killed us too. After world war 2 ended killing stopped.

    This documentary is very boring because it puts the Serbs to be the victims. What the hell is this?

    During the wars in the 90’s Serbs did not got killed. No fource attack Serbia. I remember my father telling me that during the war in Sarajevo Serbs use to kill bosnians just like that.

    There were 4 wars in Ex-Yugoslavia. During these 4 wars around 350.000 people died.

    Most of these 350.000 dead people were Muslims from Bosnia. In Kosova we lost from 18.000 to 20.000 because we still are missing some 2.000. They’re dead we know for sure but their bodies are hidden somewhere from Serb forces.

    Serbs did not die during these 4 wars because they had all heavy weapons. When I see some documentaries like this one I feel so bad. These stupid Czech have no idea. All they wanted was to piss us off.

    I remember very good. Serbs had tanks, plains everything. Our forces had only guns that they could carry. We had nothing to face Serb Migs or their heavy tanks. How can we have killed many Serbs?

    I also remember a friend of my father who killing 5 Serb police man who were raping his wife together with his 13 years old girl.
    He was very lucky because he stole a grenade from them and as soon as they went to sleep in the other room we just threw it inside and killed all of them.

    The next day over 200 Serbs came and killed many of us. From what I know they took over 19 adults alive. God knows what has happened with them.

    Now tell me who was the victim? If we were so strong we would have not asked the west to help.

    I most say I do hate all those who support the Serbs. Who supports the Serbs is evil himself.

    But the end came very good. They got bombed we got Kosova.


    I don’t like the Greeks because they’re evil too. I know them more then I know Serbs.

    • Panos says:

      Of course you don’t like Greeks coz we don’t let you pull off all the tricks you pulled with the Serbs. Albanians are the biggest threat for peace in the Balkans with their wet dream ultranationalism of Greater Albania, characteristic of underdeveloped societies. No wonder how happen you consider evil the 2 main orthodox nations in the balkans. The Albanians are a backward and underdeveloped nation that tries to identify itself through dreams of ethnic grandure fueled by some big powers that have their own agendas in the region.

    • CZAR LAZAR says:

      You have no idea about the history of kosovo.Serb population outnumbered albanians 10 to 1 at the begining of the 20th centuary.Ask yourself -“where are all the Serbs now?”From WW1 when King Peter was forced to leave his country,due to german/austrian/hungary invasion, and crossed the border into albania,Serbs have been mistreated.During WW2 the nazi dogs with there albanian friends killed 89% of Serbs in kosovo.In the 80″s serb children were beaten and girls raped at school,shops burnt,churches partially destroyed and houses targeted.After the croation ustasha killed 1.1million serbs in WW2,thanks to BROZ TITO(communist croat) all was covered up,and the dirty western alliance,siding with the croat ustasha and kicking out 800,000 Serbs out of Serb Krajina in 1995,how did you think the serbs were going to defend themselves?Oh yeah, have you not seen the documented pictures of all the jihad islam terrorists holding Serb civilian heads smiling in Bosnia and THE HOLY SERB LAND OF KOSOVO?Where were our Christian brothers in 1389 when the Turks(Ottomans)entered the Serbian kingdom and defended Europe on the feilds of SERBIAN KOSOVO?Serbian people always wanted to live with croations (catholic serbs)albanians and
      serb muslims(bosnians).King Alexander wanted this as it is proof on the Serbian Royal flag wich clearly shows on the shield of the two headed eagle,the croat flag and bosnian.Unfortunately the Pope just wanted to spread catholicism towards the east.

  3. diego says:

    Brilliant documentaries!
    Thanks for sharing them and showing the world the true story of what really happened!
    Please disregard the hate filled comments of the previous Albanian posters.

    These documentaries are all 100% factual.
    As any Greek, Macedonian, Serbian, Montenegrin or even Bulgarian what they think about albanians and you will get the same answer!
    The albanians are very well known throughout Europe as being lairs and thieves!
    They are people with no art, culture or history yet some how they see themselves as being the greatest people on the planet and that virtually every great individual from Jesus to Gandhi has albanian roots!
    Is there any wonder why this so called free and independent Kosovo has become the largest supplier of narcotics to the EU?
    Kosovo is not a nation. Kosovo is in fact, a criminal entity ruled by corrupt gangsters and former terrorist leaders.
    And because of this, it is the poorest and most corrupt region in Europe!
    This so called multicultural land of milk and honey has ethnically cleansed over 200,000 of its own citizens!
    Their homes and farms have either been destroyed or occupied!
    The brave few that are left have been attacked, killed and live under constant fear and protection! They are deprived of power, electricity, telephone communication and prevented from traveling freely.
    They have been bombed whilst traveling in buses or in cafes and their children have been attacked and killed at schools.
    Serbian graves have been desecrated, over 150 Orthodox churches have been destroyed and none have been rebuilt!

    Kosovo is a complete and utter failure!
    It is a black hole. A haven for criminals!
    The EU and the US should be held accountable for the death and destruction they have caused and hang their heads in shame!

  4. Bryce says:

    Wow Leon thanks for telling the truth. You say Bosnians and Croats were killing Serbs too,everyone’s doing it, wow,quite a little Sig Heiling Nazi you are. And yet you seem surprised that someone would make a film portraying the Serbs as victims, and you are surprised they would arm themselves. What exactly were the drug dealing pimping organ stealing KLA doing? And I seem to recall the Albanians had the best stealth bombers money could buy, you were really outnumbered with the support of all of NATO against one relatively poor country. Serbia was bombed also hundreds of thousands of Serbs and Roma were brutally attacked within a day of the Serbian military withdrawal and that violence continues to this day. Serbs and Roma cannot even go to the store without getting attacked and killed while NATO troops watch.

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