Kosovo – failed UN (justice) mission

Tim Guldimann, head of the OSCE mission in Kosovo, said on Monday 8th that Kosovo today is “not what we could call a multi-ethnic society”. “Different communities live in Kosovo, but a multi-ethnic society means integration, mutual understanding, tolerance and cohabitation. We do not see this,” he stated. His words have good base in a new OSCE report on human rights, ethnic relations and democracy in Kosovo for the period from the summer of 2007 to the summer of 2008. Also the headline of other report by Amnesty International tells enough “Kosovo (Serbia): The challenge to fix a failed UN justice mission.

The Kosovo judiciary continues to suffer from serious shortcomings due to the failure to properly apply the law and international human rights standards. OSCE report e.g. highlights that

  • Almost nine years after the conflict, a large number of properties remain illegally occupied, despite the resolution of almost 30,000 residential property cases as of summer 2008. In total, these property claims and cases amount to approximately 59,000 the vast majority of which involve Kosovo Serbs, whose properties were damaged, destroyed or illegally occupied as a result of the conflict and have not yet been addressed or settled.
  • The Kosovo judiciary failed “to properly apply the law and international human rights standards,” the report said, resulting “in widespread violations of fair trial standards.”
  • Both police and courts “are often exposed to political interference,”

Guldimann added that “When it comes to the return of members of the Serb community, the question if there are conditions for Serbs to view their future in Kosovo as safe and if they trust Kosovo institutions needs to be answered.”

Ethnic cleansings

The facts are showing that other ethnic groups than Albanians do not see their future in Kosovo. Since Kosovo separatists took power, over two thirds of ethnic Serbs have been ethnically cleansed by Albanian separatist. According to statistics from the UNHCR there are about 206,000 internally displaced persons from Kosovo living in Serbia. This fact has mostly ignored in western mainstream media. Their attitude is understandable since this media from the very beginning had fixed their one-sided picture about good and bad guys so Serbs somehow deserved their fate. The outcome is that Serb Refugees (from Croatia and Bosnia) and IDPs (from Kosovo) are one of the forgotten and forsaken victim groups in the former Yugoslavia.

The vast majority of those people – Serbs, Roma and Gorani – were forced out by ethnic violence and intimidation and still live in dreadful conditions in camps and emergency housing in Serbia. The remaining Serbs in Kosovo are barricaded into enclaves keeping their lives mainly with help of international KFOR troops or in de facto separated Serb majority region in North Kosovo.

Wasted billions

The situation described here and e.g. in OSCE report is very discouraging also from other perspective. Since 2000, the international community has likely invested more non-military resources per capita in Kosovo for stabilizing and developing Kosovo than in any other post-conflict area in the world. In spite of the billions and billions of dollars the international community has poured into Kosovo since NATO ousted Serbia’s military in 1999 the result is mono ethnic, corrupted society where gangs of thugs are left free to roam around terrorizing the people and pretty much imposing their own ‘law’ either on streets or in government.

Failed mission has lead to failed state.

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2 Responses to Kosovo – failed UN (justice) mission

  1. What is the date of this report. It says Monday the 8th –what month and year?

    Sen. Biden suggested in the debate with Gov. Palin that things are working out in Kosovo.

    What is the current condition of Serbs in Kosovo?

    How many Serbs have left Kosovo. How many Serbs have had their property seized in Kosovo?

    You say the media ignores what is happening in Kosovo. Why?

  2. arirusila says:

    From Ari Rusila to David Zukerman:

    1) The date is 8th September 2008.
    2) Things eally are going wrong in Kosovo (or has been last 9 years). Today’s interational precence is even more foggy than before. UN/UNMIK, ICO/EUSR, EULEX are all claiming some authority from international side but no one of them – nor the slef claimed Kosovo Government – has executive authority. Then we have OSCE and Nato/KFOR playing also with democracy and security tasks; not to mention Serb parallel structures and situation on the ground.
    3) North Kosovo Serbs are fully integrated like before to Serbia, enclave Serbs are trying keep them selves alive in their ghettos guarded by KFOR troops and getting their social, health, school etc. services from Serbian/Kosovo parallel structures. There is no economical prospect and future for them, enclaves – exept Gracanica near Pristina – are most villages middle of nowhere.
    4) Estimates of Serb refugees – or exactly IDPs – vary from 100.000-206.000 depending whom to ask, in addition there was ethnic cleansing of roma, egyptian, ashkali population by Kosovo Albanians. Many are IDPs in north Kosovo, most left to Serbian side.
    5) I have been critical to mainstream media 1st because of its one-sided picture about good and bad guys (Serbs have been the bad ones last 20 years) and 2nd because of its use as one side political propaganda tool since Bosnian war. Falsificated reports,exagerrated numbers (10 times bigger deat tolls than confirmed afterwards) had their motives, I also personaly saw the amnipulation of media while beeing in Kosovo.

    From my links right one may find some related documents and reports about Kosovo reality e.g. links “Peace and future research” and “Films of Kosovo- portal” (see my post 30.Sept.2008) includes over 40 documentary films in English from Kosovo problem.

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