Living in multi-ethnic Kosovo province

One news headline on Serbianna pages popped up to my eyes yesterday.  I quate

Ten oxygen bottles required by the Hospital Center in Gracanica after they were seized by Kosovo separatists who demanded recognition of Kosovo in exchange for life of Serbian babies.

So this is real live in multi-ethnic “independent”/UN protectorate Kosovo with “European perspective”.  This news – not first of that kind – are showing me at least few aspects about Kosovo problematic

  • The Great (Western) Powers do not see or care about impact of their shortsighted policy (e.g. hesitated recognition of Kosovo independence)
  • The high level governments and organizations with their nicely formulated statements and ideas about human rights etc. are far away from the facts on the ground
  • The people who are suffering about high level policy have no role with designing this policy nor can they have some influence to that

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