Bosnia collapsing?

Last week top level European politicians have awaken to reality concerning the state of Bosnia-Herzegovina, namely that this artificial creature made by Dayton agreement is starting to collapse. This in spite of hundreds of millions of euros which e.g. EU has thrown away to build some kind of multi-ethnical ideal.

Dayton Agreement was made 1995 after bloody war (1992-95) had almost finished ethnic cleansings/transfer of populations so that it was possible to draw administrative boundaries according ethnical groups. The agreement split Bosnia into two semi-independent entities – the Serb Republic and the Muslim-Croat Federation and three ethnic groups – Croats, Serbs and Bosniaks – are trying to lead state together and separately. Entities are unitedby weak central institutions, administration is quite heavy loaded with some 170 ministers and whole system is supervised by international presence. (Note: Dayton Agreement one may find from here.)

Dayton designer and former Bosnia administrator are worried

On 22nd Oct. 2008 the former United States diplomat Richard Holbrooke and former High Representative in Bosnia Paddy Ashdown published an article urging European Union and US leaders to reinforce their engagement in Bosnia and halt a new crisis which threatens to bring the country to collapse.

The two diplomats say that Bosnian Serb Prime Minister Milorad Dodik has taken advantage of the weakness of constitutional state structures, fatigue and the international community’s saturation, as well as the inability of the EU to meet its own conditions, and over the course of the last two years has succeeded in destroying the majority of the real progress made in Bosnia-Hercegovina in the last 13 years.”

On the other hand the two diplomats add that “Chairman of the Bosnian Presidency Haris Silajdžić has frequently made statement on the need to abolish the two entities that comprise Bosnia-Hercegovina, and the need to create an undivided country not made up of federal units.“ “Poisonous relations and clashes between the two of them are at the heart of the current crisis in Bosnia-Hercegovina,“ which is why “doubts and fears have revived that were the basis for the start of the war in 1992,“ states the text.

…as well EU and Nato

On 27th Oct. 2008 EU’s foreign policy chief Javier Solana said in Brussels that the EU has warned politicians in Bosnia they are jeopardising the country’s Euro-Atlantic integration with the heated nationalist rhetoric. “We are concerned about the rhetoric which is growing and this rhetoric cannot contribute to the objective of getting Bosnia and Herzegovina more engaged with the European Union and Euro-Atlantic institutions,”.

Solana met NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer at the regular NATO-EU meeting, while the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina was the main focus of discussions. The NATO chief expressed his concern about the heated statements by some politicians in the country. “The situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is of course secure and stable but the political rhetoric leads to concern,” Scheffer said. “We will have to address and we will address,” he added.

Last week the EU Enlargement Commissioner, Olli Rehn, said Bosnia has made “a significant step forward” by signing a key pre-membership deal called the Stabilisation and Association Agreement on June 16. “The EU could initial the Stabilisation and Association Agreement last December and sign it in June because the country’s political leaders pulled together and reached consensus on the main conditions, particularly police reform. This proves that progress can be achieved and crises overcome, when the political will exists,”. “However, this consensus has since collapsed and reforms halted,” … “Nationalist rhetoric ahead of the October local elections was a factor in this deterioration. Yet, the country’s political problems run much deeper.” Rehn said in his speech.

Republica Srpska

A short news popped to my eyes from which describes quite well political trends in Republica Srpska – one of the entities.  I quate (Source) :

The government of Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity of Republika Srpska, has hired a US law firm to deal with the Office of the High Representative and upcoming key reforms. Republika Srpska Premier Milorad Dodik said that the firm, Dewey and LeBoeuf, will advise his government on relations with the international community and all other legal matters, including on a list of reforms required for closing the Office of the High Representative, OHR, local media reported on Monday.

The OHR was supposed to end its mandate in Bosnia by 2008, but because of the worsening political deadlock in the country over the past two years, it has set up a list of reforms which – once implemented – will enable its closure and transfer to a stronger European Union mission in the country. So far, the OHR was the ultimate interpreter of the Dayton peace accord and hence the main interpreter of its own mandate. But by hiring a United States law firm specialised in international law, Dodik’s is seen as moving his arguments against the OHR onto legal grounds.

In addition to hiring the US law firm, Dodik has recently confirmed that his government has hired a US lobbying company that was supposed to represent Republika Srpska in Washington and other western countries. Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) officials complained that this, as well as the opening of Republika Srpska offices abroad, showed that Republika Srpska continue taking responsibilities which belong to the state.  Some Bosniak officials also complained that Dodik is strengthening its representation abroad as a part of lobbying that should soften world powers to the idea of Republika Srpska’s eventual declaration of independence.

So one entity is

  • challenging international supervision also with legal grounds,
  • opening own offices abroad to make its own foreign policy, and
  • lobbying potential (separatist) independence declaration

5th November 2008 EU Commission will publish its “Progress report” about the road of western Balkan countries towards European integration/enlargement.  What I have seen in drafts is not very favorable to Bosnia-Herzegovina and actions cited above are not smoothing the road to EU.

My view

The recent past of Bosnia-Herzegovina is violent and there was not only one brutal side – there was three of them. This past has its impact today and real truth behind successful propaganda about events of war 1992-95 is still unclear. (Note: same remarks about this one may find from my previous article “Opening Bosnian X-files”, check my Archives:Blog).

The worries of top politicians have good base. It is not anymore dispute between Serbs and Bosniaks, this year has showed serious dissension between Bosniaks and Croats which may be related to rise of radical Islam in Balkans. (Note: I wrote a couple of articles about this earlier October, check my Archives:Blog).

One may have seen pictures where Bosnian Muslims (Bosniaks) and Bosnian Croats have been busy rioting again following the defeat of Croatia by Turkey in the Euro 2008 football match. The Bosniaks supported Turkey, the Croats Croatia. Meanwhile when Serbia plays Bosnia, Bosnian Serbs root for Serbia. This gives quite clear picture about national identity and multi-ethnic ideals – or lack of them. Can any country survive without some minimal mutual self-identification across its citizens as a whole? If the shared non-ethnic Bosnian identity is taking steps backwards does this not mean that this artificial western desk-drawer plan is doomed to fail? I am afraid so but maybe it is loss only for those top level designers not for local population.

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  1. Obrad says:

    Hmm, so do you maybe recommend dividing New York in small states couse NY is multi ethnic ?
    That terorist Karadzic had some simmilar ideas in BH parliament house, remmember that ?

    • theententini says:

      I don’t understand how this person (Obrad) can call Karadzic a terrorist, when Alija Izetbegovic was building plans of destroying Yugoslavia even during 1970-ties and earlier( plans full of hate and threat toward other Yugoslav nations).
      (During this time Karadzic was a young student of Psychiatry and probably cared only about young people issues, like exams, how many girls who had scored and what is the best beer or rakija!) I understand that Muslim population of B&H has to justify their own deeds in some way, but I suggest you do much deeper research on all history before you decide which story are you coming out with… it’s hard to believe that you will come up with anything!
      On the other hand, even though I was only 14 when the war started, I remember well Muslim tyranny in Bosnia over Serbs, and no matter how big pacifist in my heart I am, I have to say that us Serbs of Bosnia were lucky to have Karadzic to lead us out of it, you ask any Bosnian Serb, they’ll tell you the same thing… well they must have some reason for having that opinion! Your tyranny started from the times of Turkish empire, continued through the time of Yugoslavia and God forbid even to think how would it be now, with all your, blood, cultural, religious, economical etc connections with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Irak and who knows who else… For all these great cultures we Serbs have a great respect and even admiration but, unlike Bosnian Muslims, we do not, and we DON’T WANT to identify with them, not now not ever. We love WHO WE ARE, and we want to live in peace, happiness and prosperity ON LAND OF OUR FATHERS who came to Balkans much before Islam! Who is with us welcome, who is against us, STAY AWAY! Amen!
      And Obrad… I see you are different from Karadzic, or Dodik… or any of those horror leaders… you do not recommend dividing NY, but… how do we explain problem of Yugoslavia? Because no Karadzic, nor Milosevic, had started that process. Yugoslavia was like NY… multiethnical union. 🙂
      Regards to all people of good will and pure heart!

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  5. Melisa Muslimovic says:

    Lady karadzic is no terrorist but someone with 11 counts of some of Europe’s worst war, for you ‘theententini’ to say he was a hero is a little bleak on your end and you must be some what blinded.

    If you live in Bosnia, then you are Bosnian by land an your background is whatever it is. For this reason the so-called-fake-state of the serb republic in the country of Bosnia-Herzegovina was created on the grounds of creating greater serbia, due to the fact that America took close to 3 years to take action on Serbia who controlled the Yugo army, was the reason that Bosnia-Herzegovina had to accept help from its Islamic neighbours.

    servia / serbia was out to demolish the state of Bosnia-Herzegovina as the world watched for years an did nothing but try an work an reason things out with these serb monsters.

    lets not forget your ‘wank hero’ was on the run for over 10 years living a lie… living in serbia.

    while he WAS THE NUMBER ONE REASON FOR WAR IN BiH… with over 100,000 killed in BiH and over 2.5 million people displaced.

    if only lady karadick was taken into the courts by Islamic Law, I could only wish the ways they would have ended his life..!

    as they say………… serbia = disturbia

    • theententini says:

      Hi Melisa and everyone else who might be in position to read this blog and the following comments…
      First of all I would like to say that I am very pleased that we can exchange our opinions in such a wonderful and convenient way, far from battlefields and bloodsheds. After all we are all entitled to have a point of view… because when it comes to contemporary history, it’s all politics, so A Point of View is all we can have, really… true facts (hope this won’t sound as a pleonasm, as there are unfortunately false fact) are normally coming to the light gradually and people are able to form a realistic picture of an event many years after the happening. So, as many other Serbs all over the world do, me myself have a great hope in my heart too, that there may come the day when all our true faces will be revealed…
      Therefore I would like to continue by quoting two sentences from the beginning and the end of my previous comment:
      I don’t understand how this person (Obrad) can call Karadzic a terrorist, when Alija Izetbegovic was building plans of destroying Yugoslavia even during 1970-ties and earlier( plans full of hate and threat toward other Yugoslav nations).
      And Obrad… I see you are different from Karadzic, or Dodik… or any of those horror leaders… you do not recommend dividing NY, but… how do we explain problem of Yugoslavia? Because no Karadzic, nor Milosevic, had started that process. Yugoslavia was like NY… multiethnical union. 🙂
      And now Melisa, if you’d allow me, I would like to answer to your comment:
      About Karadzic I said that he led Serbs out of Muslim tyranny in Bosnia, and that is true… i never called him a hero, because there are no heroes in any wars, we are all victims, used and abused souls, victims of false ideas, that can never come to life, as we are not creators of this world’s system.
      On the other hand, I absolutely understand that you, as a Muslim, call him a terrorist, just like Serbs call Alija Izetbegovic, Franjo Tudjman etc terrorists… The difference between these particualar terrorists are that some are being judged by people and other by God, but everything falls in right place at the end. So conclusion… we are all victims, losers and terrorists! We all have our counts, meaning all of us who were adults when the war started, as we were all given mind and free will. So, there is no innocence! And having said that, we’ve come to your other point that the War in Bosnia was one of the Europe’s worst wars.. well I am sure that you are clever enough not to think that it would be called like that because of Karadzic or Serbs… It is the worst war because of it’s nature… for example, murder is an awful thing, but one of the worst and saddest kinds of murder is when it happens inside of a family… 😦 or maybe I am just blinded 🙂 I hope that’s true, rather than anything else. And I as well pray for you always to see clearly.:)
      Following further your comment I am becoming very confused… Quote:”If you live in Bosnia, then you are Bosnian by land an your background is whatever it is.” If I am Bosnian what other kind of background I could possibly have!? This is a good place to mention that Bosnia and Herzegovina, while being a republic within SFR Yugoslavia, used to be called The Little Yugoslavia, being a mixture of all Yugoslav, let’s call them that way, nations, minorities, religions and cultures. Majority of the population were, so called, Muslims, (interesting name for a nation- artificially created by Tito after the Second World war), just after them Orthodox Christians who preferred to call themselves SERBS, then Catholic Christians, who see themselves as Croatians, and after these main groups come other minorities, like Gypsies, Jews, Albanians and who ever else was let to come to live in the country. When The Big Yugoslavia fell apart… there was nothing in the world that could have held “The Little Yugoslavia” (Bosnia) in one piece… and it wouldn’t be the right thing, would it? Because , if we HAVE to be together, why not in a bigger and stronger Union, like Yugoslavia and not in insignificant, small and economically almost incapable to exist on it’s own Bosnia and Herzegovina? And on the other hand, if we couldn’t live together in Yugoslavia, how can we do it in Bosnia? So I am afraid that Republic of Srpska is the only logical result of the war, all other results are work of The Magicians.
      In this light I would like to add that I enjoy listening members of Muslim population in Bosnia using terms like “so-called-fake-state”… fake this, fake that… well 🙂 We should always first clean rubbish in front of our own house (if it hadn’t developed into a depony).:)
      Us Serbs from Bosnia, we never wanted to be part of Great Serbia, as we see ourselves slightly mentally different from Serbs from Serbia, we wanted to stay in country called Yugoslavia as that was the country we fought for through all our history, Land of peace, love and prosperity, and FRATERNITY and UNITY- two utopistic ideas of which Serbs from Bosnia and Herzegovina were the biggest propagators during the existence of Yugoslavia. What we got from it was that we almost forgot who we are, trying to make FAMILY where it was impossible.
      Of course, during this last war, Serbia didn’t act as an independent country but it was what it was left from Yugoslavia. Don’t you find it logical for one country to defend unprotected people who still want to be part of that country. It is kind of normal thing to do, what else would you expect… nobody really wanted to demolish something that shouldn’t have been created at first place, everybody just tried to protect their own rights.
      And of course- World watched, what else do you expect from world to do… to finish the job that Muslim Bosnian leadership was only capable to start but incapable to finish. Well, World can’t fight your battles! Just as much as they can’t fight our battles. They will fight for their own visions and when it comes to us they have only one rule that they’ve been using through centuries and, it’s fanny but t true, it still works; DIVIDE ET IMPERA!
      I don’t care much where Karadzic was and what did he do after the war, but as you know from biology, in nature of all animals (and just to remind you that humans are one of those, we from Balcan are a great example, it’s very possible that we are the missing link) is to hide when chased, to fight for survival… so what ever he did was kind of logical to expect, when all world was tracking him down… And then you mentioned something quite extraordinary, quote: he WAS THE NUMBER ONE REASON FOR WAR IN BiH-… LIKE ONE MAN CAM MAKE SUCH A HAVOC AMONG SO MANY PEOPLE… who is idiot? 🙂
      So, I am loving your story, it’s not strange that we ended up in Hollywood (which, by the way, I find very distasteful- nothing else but earning money on somebody’s tragedy! Oh, isn’t that American way, which we are all about to embrace!!!):
      Once there was that scary monstrous land of SERVIA full of nasty predators, monsters called Serbs and they were led by their blood thirsty leader The Terrorist Karadzic who invaded with his hordes cute little land of Bosnia with her lovely population of entirely innocent and so lovable gnomes, who would never hurt a living soul and were just desperately waiting for anybody to save them!
      And then you spoiled everything by revealing that those little gnomes actually have things like ISLAMIC LAW- we’ve seen lots of it on internet and on news… scary staff! Well Gnomes are not as innocent as they might seem at first…
      (I would just like to add, that luckily THE ISLAMIC LAW, has not much to do with the wonderful religion of ISLAM, and shouldn’t always necessarily be connected to it!)
      One more thing impresses me a lot, when little ladies deal with big numbers, especially in a way like they know what are they doing, but unfortunately for them even in this blog that provoked all these comments, something very interesting was mentioned and it is the only true that is left, much bigger and much scarier then Srebrenica- that SERBS are THE BIGGEST VICTIMS OF BALCAN WARS!!!
      Well yes Melisa, we definitely agree on this one: Serbia is and will be for many more centuries big DISTURBIA for all of those who try to take the LAND of Our FATHERS from us!!! Its where we belong, what we fought for, what we believe in and what we pray for- OUR DEAR LAND, OUR PIECE OF HAVEN ON EARTH!!!
      And, of course- LONG LIVE REPUBLIC OF SRPSKA!!!:)
      Regards to all people of good will and pure heart!!!

  6. Bokica says:

    Remember NDH ?The II W.W. monster-Naci-pupet state, consist of Croatia and Bosnia; the “state” who kiled about HALF MILION of their citizens, mostly Serbs…
    This time we were ready to defend ourselves from our Muslim and Croat neighbours, to protect our land and save our families.Thanks God for Home Defence Arsenals and for JNA who helped us to survive.
    Bosnia is corrupted , monster state , and have no chance to survive.In next 50 years, Europe and USA will give up ,Croats are going to take their part of Bosnia to Croatia, Republika Srpska will be part of Serbia , and Muslims will end up with ” Little Jamahiria” without any western protection, mostly because West will be sick of Muslims in their own states…
    So ,there will be two Muslim HORROR states in Europe , Bosnistan and Kosovastan , with Sheria law , opressed woman dressed in black ,no schools , no energy , no agriculture, ridled with guns ,drogs , terorists and slave traders …
    GOOD LUCK !!!

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  8. s says:

    It is despicable to read these kinds of comments. It is despicable that someone from the outside who doesn’t know anything about Bosnia could come here and take these words for granted. But that is also Internet. Maybe I should just disconnect forever. Lol.

    So, I guess the message to anyone who might read this: don’t take these comments as a given, do your research, dig up the internet, read things being said by each opposing side. It will not lead to better understanding (from an outsider point of view), maybe to only more confusion, but it could definitely prevent horrible lies and irregularities taking place of truth.

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