Grumbling in puppet state

In Kosovo fifteen movements and different non-governmental organizations have announced a demonstration for Wednesday (19/11/2008) in Priština against the six-point Serbia-UN plan, which basic idea is to agree EULEX mission deployment to Kosovo. ” We invite all citizens of Kosovo to join us an in a demonstration and oppose in a peaceful way the six points which affect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Kosovo,” reads the joint statement.

“The six points proposed by the UN and modified for Serbia , aim to divide Kosovo in two: 1/3 of the territory will be given to Serb parallel structures, which means effective control by Serbia. These points reduce Kosovo’s institutional development by deploying Serb parallel institutions in the elements most important for the working of state sovereignty, especially in policing, courts and customs. This is unacceptable”, the statement said.

KLA considering violent actions

A bit more harder line represents former Albanian terrorist organization Kosovo Liberation Army and “war veterans”, which have issued a threat of war against the international community that is preserving peace in this Serbian province. Xhavit Jashari – a chief representative of the KLA said, that “when you gain something by war, a war is required to take that from you”.

Jashari also noted that the KLA will consider the years after the war only a cease-fire phase and that they will take their arms if Kosovo’s “statehood” is questioned as is being done by the EU’s civilian plan to bring rule of law to Kosovo.

About legal base

Different Kosovo organizations have come together to express their dissatisfaction and defend the Kosovo conceptualized on Article 1, Paragraph 1 of the Constitution of the country. This article announces the Republic of Kosovo ‘an independent state, sovereign and democratic, unified and indivisible.’ This is a constitutional obligation and Kosovo will become so,” reads the statement.

However a wider framework is international law, UNSC resolution 1244, which states that Kosovo is part of today’s Serbia, temporary under international administration like UN protectorate, before new resolution will replace the existing one. While the resolution is based to agreement with Serbia it is self-evident that UN will negotiate with Serbia about implementation details of resolution.

Pragmatic point of view

Analysts in Priština have noted, that accepting the plan for would mean that the Kosovo officials would formally lose their sovereignty over North Kosovo, though this sovereignty does not exist essentially. This view I totally agree.

In fact, on the ground, today’s Kosovo is a quasi-state with good change to become a “failed” or “captured state” if international community does not have firm grip over province. A state normally needs statehood structures, executive power over own territory and sustainable economy. Two first elements are on hands of international outsiders and the export of province can cover 5-10 % of import – the rest is covered mainly by international aid and drug money.

Instead of demonstrations and war threads it could be wiser to Kosovo Albanians to concentrate building their society and economy with international donors and let Kosovo Serbs to do the same.

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