Let’s elect Donkey Parliament

When EU normally is disseminating EU doctrine to outside world there some times could be nice idea to apply some practice of others in Brussels. This came to my mind while reading news from Bosnia. Protesting over the inability of their politicians to elect a city mayor more than five months after the last elections, local residents in Mostar – Bosnia-Herzegovina – brought a donkey to demonstrations last week, proposing the animal be the city’s new Mayor.

Local residents and media have demanded assistance from Bosnia’s top envoy and his Office of the High representative, the OHR. “Once again, the political parties seek to blame everyone but themselves for the current situation. However, the OHR notes that the parties, who were elected to serve the needs of the citizens of Mostar, have only pursued political negotiations based on their own selfish desires for power, position and material gain.” (More in BalkanInsight)

Deciding about future visions and actions of EU is one key function in EP so one must ask if the decisions made by donkeys are better or worse than human beings. Some years ago in New York a monkey was put to play darts at a target being composed of NY stock list. When stock portfolio was filled by stock with hits of monkey’s darts and compared to portfolios of sc professional brokers the monkey got in many cases better profit. Be it monkey or donkey could this be possible also in EP?

Environmental assessment with donkey parliament would be positive. Members of EP would not need to visit in home country to give some false illusion that the opinions of voters have some role in decision-making. The output of parliament members could be useful for organic farming.

Present parliament delegations and members are also making visits in developing countries on purpose to estimate need or output of EU’s external Aid programmes. With donkey parliament one could send parliament members temporary to make some fieldwork in these countries and with many cases the result on the ground could be better and more important for beneficiaries than with today’s implementation.

Comparing pros and cons between donkey parliament and present system can give contradictory results depending connotations of each individual. Probably the voters have anyway put the selection in right scale and will show the importance of EP with turnout percentage on voting day.

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