Europe Day Finnish Way and EU elections

Due the election year Europe Day’s main event in Helsinki, Finland, got quite high level speakers. The Day was celebrated in amusement park, the Finnish Commissioner, Prime minister and Minister of Europe affairs spoke, MEPs had a panel discussion, also a number of MEP candidates were there. Only one was missing – the audience.

The Commissioner and Europe minister made their normal marketing speeches so nothing to remember about them. Prime minister however had more abrupt approach, while the MEPs got telling-off for their recent voting in European Parliament (A part of MEPs voted against Finnish government’s position in case of working hours of transport entrepreneurs).

MEP candidates were also disappointed about program because there was no place for them to speak at all. The reporters got some person representing sc common people for interview, but he was only passing site hurrying to use fun fair equipments shortly commenting only “frankly I am not interested about EU”.

There was also other Europe Day event in Helsinki, which got more audience. It was organized by Wine magazine and Association of Finnish Liquer Stores. The theme was European Wine Culture. Also here the “Europeanization” of Finns got some setback as in cold weather the participants desired a bit stronger drinks. Also some Wine experts missed more Wines from Australia, America etc instead of Wines from Europe.

As conclusion of Europe Day in Finland I could say that the average Finnish taxpayer has own priorities, which does not include EU on the top as well I could estimate a landslide victory to the don’t know/don’t care party in EP elections.

Is this the democratic deficit?  It is said that in those areas in which it has a say, the European parliament is ultimately the only body that can actively check and stop European governments when they go into excess.

In principle EP can act then like monitoring body at its best (in reality it rarely can agree to like that) but it can not have initiative to create some new policy.  From field worker (funded by EU) experience I would say that there is more monitors in EU than those who actually are doing some real jobs. And even then some EU money is squandered to nothing due the heavy bureaucracy.

From my point of view subsidiary principle should be widen so that more legislation should be implemented at national level and those few remaining issues could be decided between governments and implemented by European Commission and its agencies. With this approach the whole EP could be closed as useless extra body.

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