Nobel Peace Prize 2008/2009

When Nobel committee last year selected Mr. Ahtisaari – an unofficial spokesperson of US State department and Nato – as Nobel prize Peace laureate this years selection was not surprise. The bright side is that Mr.Obama has not (hopefully yet) junked the original criteria (“to contribute to fraternity in the world, to reduce armies and to establish peace congresses”) for Nobel peace prize as it was case with Ahtisaari. More in general in my article “Do you hear Mr. Nobel rolling in his grave” and more specific about Ahtisaari’s mediator tactics in my article “500.000 bodies or sign”- headlines are describing quite well the content as my criticism is mostly based on Ahtisaari’s Kosovo approach.

Nobel committee’s advancement can however promote peace in short term as now it is maybe more difficult to Obama launch or support bombing of Iran’s nuclear facilities soon. Mr. Obama has also brought totally new spirit and approach to international relations if compared to previous administration so there is some hope that in near future international relations and conflicts can be managed more civilized manner. Will these my wishes come true we shall see later.

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