Ari Rusila’s Conflicts -news portal

As I can comment only about a tiny fraction of news about the issues of my interest I have launched a news portal for better coverage. My new “Ari Rusila’s Conflicts” site – created with help and platform of NewsCred Ltd. – is loaded relevant multimedia content from over 2500 news sources and blogs.

The topics are chiefly the same as my top interests in BalkanBlog and categories are following:

  • Editorials (including my articles in BalkanBlog)
  • Balkans
  • Caucasus
  • Serbia
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Iran
  • Crisis management
  • Military-Industrial Complex
  • Terrorism
  • Afghanistan War
  • Palestine-Israel Conflict
  • Oil & Gas

Ari Rusila’s Conflicts -news portal can be found from address

One Response to Ari Rusila’s Conflicts -news portal

  1. Marko says:

    Ko prebiram vaše Bloge dobim vtis,,da niste ravno neprofitna organizacija. Vsekakor bo še zanimivo spremljati razvoj vašega svobodnega novinarstva.

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