Kosovo after ICJ ruling

Besides tribe leaders in Pristina also many separatist movements in Somaliland, Palestine, Abkhasia, South-Ossetia, Nagorno-Karabakh and even Basks in Spain have been celebreting ICJ’s opinion on Kosovo. However the life in Kosovo probably will continue without dramatic change. Whatever – depending point of view – status Kosovo has, the province is de facto administrated by international community. After “humanitarian intervention” and billions of squandered euros Kosovo is a quasi-independent pseudo-state with good change to become next “failed” or “captured” state. Official economy will be subvented with massive international aid, private economy will still be based to drug- and trafficking money (e.g. “Balkan Route – Business as usual” ), Nato troops secure that Kosovo Albanians are not killing too much members of minority communities, Pristina government tries to act with civilized manners, Serbs see their province still as an occupied territory. (More e.g. in “Kosovo: Two years of Pseudo-state” ).

The fact on the ground is that northern part of Kosovo is integrated to Serbia like it always has been, as well those pats south of Ibar river, which are not ethnically cleansed by Kosovo Albanians. Between ethnic groups a huge operation of international community is going on with its foggy ideas.

From my viewpoint the only way to get sustainable solution to Kosovo is through real negotiations between local stakeholders. To get start of real talks US should freeze or withdraw its recognition of Kosovo UDI; otherwise it takes too long time for Kosovo Albanians to find out that some negotiated outcome – be it cantonization, partition or whatever agreed – could be better than status quo. (About possible solutions “Dividing Kosovo – a pragmatic solution to frozen conflict” and “Cantonisation – a middle course for separatist movements” )

4 Responses to Kosovo after ICJ ruling

  1. Xosé Casas says:

    Well, why don’t we give them the chance to enforce the government that they set up two years ago? is the international arena doubting about the IJC?

  2. dejana says:

    Everything would be as the Power says…All international institution are going so down .
    It is law of power and not the power of law.
    I think that Northern part of kosovo (where remains of serbs are living ) should now declare independence from kosovo.They have every right to do that and good reason and then ICJ can say again that UN declaration 1244 didnt forbid anyone to declare independence and it is not against the declaration.

  3. Beppe says:

    I agree to your point of wiew.
    I didn’t appreciate the ICJ’s ruling, not for the outcome (likely supporting Kosovo’s stance altough not so clearly), but for the lack in order to solve the most relevant issues.

  4. Sandman Moon says:

    Dear Mr. Rusila,

    Thank you for keeping this blog. I just discovered it, and I will follow it regularly now. I’ve been looking for a blog that will help me understand the current events of the Balkan region. If you have any other suggested reading for me, I would much appreciate it. Thank you!

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