Kidnapping the Truth – the Disappearance of Alexander Dorin

Alexander Dorin – my Facebook friend – is in government custody in Basel and that he has been there under an isolation regime for the last two months. This is exeptional in a country that considers itself to be an exemplary law abiding state. I therefore ask all my readers to act without delay and to send a message to the legal authorities in the Swiss city of Basel where Alexander Dorin (aka Boris Krljić) is apparently incarcerated, and to demand that he either be set free forthwith or that the Swiss government disclose the nature of the case against him, while affording him all the usual means to effectively defend himself.  You may send an email to the following address:

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Kidnapping the Truth – the Disappearance of Alexander Dorin by Grey Carter

more about Alexander and his activity.

There Must be Justice

Dear friends and truth seekers, fighters for justice,

Our friend Alexander Dorin has disappeared. Swisspublicist of Serbianorigin,AleksanderDorin (pseudonym of BORIS KRLJIC)  has been researching for over 15 years  the events, myths and facts in and around Srebrenica massacre. Alexander was taken by armed menfrom his homein Basel, Switzerlandand since then there’s no trace of him.


Dorin is the author of the book named “Srebrenica – as indeed happened,”  where he presented evidences of manipulation with the number of Bosnian Muslim victims. When the book was published, Italian and German press described it ” as a book that might stop a lie.”

Serbian army entering Potocari, Srebrenica:

Srebrenica What really happened

Alexander was receiving frequent death threats from Muslim extremists.

The police in Basel didn’t want to comment the disappearance of Dorin, while the prosecutor could neither confirm nor deny that he was taken by armed…

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