Media Literacy – 5 Tips

As ‘Day(s) of Rage’ are going on in MidEast and as report of MH17 has been published and while media is full of analysis, counter arguments, PR, PsyOps, disinformation and speculations I think that it is useful to remark upon few aspects related to media  literacy.   

Here below is 5 Tips for sorting through the news and sharing responsibly on social media by Honest reporting:

5 Tips For Sorting Through the News &B


And here is quite good verfication tool for use:


And here even better: Verification Handbook,


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2 Responses to Media Literacy – 5 Tips

  1. Michail Dim. Drakomathioulakis says:

    Very nice post, Ari, as always! An interesting tool, mainly for reporters/ journalists, but also for the informed reader, is, on my humble opinion, the Verification Handbook series, by the European Journalism Centre (

  2. Michail Dim. Drakomathioulakis says:

    Thanks for considering my proposals, Ari!

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