Armed Drones: President Obama’s Weapon of Choice?

President Barack Obama has received much credit for drawing down American involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, but less attention has been paid to his administration’s embrace of armed drones.

Under orders from the White House, the military and the CIA hunt down and kill people who have been deemed – through secretive processes, hidden from the press and the American public – worthy of execution.

These remote strikes tend to take place in foreign countries which are not declared war zones. The number of civilians killed is purposely withheld. And they are all carried out from afar by armed drones, which have become President Obama’s weapon of choice.

While there has been intense focus on the technology of remote killing, that serves as a red herring for something far more important: The U.S. government’s exercise of worldwide power over life and death. After all, armed drones are a tool, not a policy. The policy is assassination.

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Armed Drones: President Obama's Weapon of Choice [INFOGRAPHIC]

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