Is it Santa only?

December 29, 2008

X-mas news from Bosnia were a bit confusing.  The directors of Sarajevo’s day-care centres, kindergartens and pre-schools banned Santa.  I personally detest Santa – especially its Coce version – but if someone likes him it’s up to them.  More serious however is if this event reflects something more about today’s society in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The reason to ban Santa was according officials that the capital is predominantly Muslim and Santa Claus is not part of the Muslim tradition.  Locally Santa is known as Father Frost who has given out presents to generations of Bosnian kids in kindergartens and other institutions and even during communist rule.  After ban some multi-religious group of parents demonstrated in Sarajevo saying that Santa/Father Frost should be seen as a Bosnian tradition.

During last months some small but alarming events – related to intolerance and rise of radical Islam – have took place in Bosnia-Herzegovina such as following examples:

While now December reading Santa story from Bosnia one aspect is that the actors are not radical Wahhabis, terrorists, hooligans and common criminals; in this case the officials – public authorities – were in key role.  Does this mean that the whole (Muslim) society is going towards intolerance, does these small isolated events mean that last nail has hammered to coffin of multi-ethnic ideals.  Let’s hope not, in year 2009 we are more wise.

Radical islamist network spreading in Balkans

September 28, 2008

A couple of small news from Bosnia this weekend are describing one aspect about frontlines in Balkans:

  • Bosnian Muslim intelligence agency OSA has confirmed that it is on a hunt for two Islamic terrorists after German security agency informed them that they are preparing a terror attack. German media has reported, based on police intelligence, that Erik Brayninger and Hussein al Mali have been trained in suicide attack strategies in Afghanistan and are planning a terror attack on Germany from a Bosnian town of Zenica. Bosnian town of Zenica has a vast domestic islamist network with its own airport through which Jihadists came into Bosnia during the 1990s (Serbianna 27.8.2008)
  • Two days earlier Gays at the festival were attacked by a group of young Muslims and most of them were dressed up as the Wahhabis. Over 10 people have been injured because they were beaten by the Wahhabis (Serbianna 25.8.2008)

Radical Islam has enforced and widened their activities in Balkans last 15 years.  During Bosnian war many foreign islamists came to fight in mujahedeen brigade also many Al Quida figures – including Osama bin Laden – were supporting Bosnan Muslims 1990’s.  Later the gave their support to KLA/UCK (Kosovo) which leaders now are leading Kosovo province based US and EU support.

After bombing campaign 1999 radical Islam has been one major donor in Kosovo and Wahhabi schools and former secularized Kosovo Muslims are displaced by radical Islamic movement.

While supporting Albanian Kosovo US and EU are securing a safe haven both to islamic terrorists and leading heroin cartel to say nothing of smaller threads.  This shortsighted policy should be reconsidered once again.

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